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A Distant Thunder
A Father's Heart
A Letter To Dad
A Nation Adrift
A Place Called Home
Acquire The Fire
Adventures Of Roman & Jorge
Affectionately Yours
All Summer Long
Always Good News
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Angel In The House
Another Perfect Stranger
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Bringing up Bobby
Broken - The Musical
Building a Difference
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Can't Keep Me Down
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Carman Times 2
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Escape from hell
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Exalting Him Talent Search
Exit 16
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Facing The Giants
Faith Like Potatoes
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Fatal Flaw
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Filler For Balance
Final Exit
Finger Of God
Fire By Night
Fish Tales
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Forever Strong
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Into The Amazon
Into The Light with Matthew West
Invisible Children
Invisible Enemies
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Last Minute Miracle
Last Ounce Of Courage
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M Last Day Without You
M Last Day Without You
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Making of A Distant Thunder
Making the video -T Bone
Manna From Heaven
Mari White Presents the Newsboys
Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith (seasonal)
Mary Mary Christmas (seasonal)
Masterpiece: A Toymakers Dream
Mega Fest 2005 with Bishop T.D. Jakes
Mercy Streets
Michael Sweet Christmas Special 2006 (seasonal)
Midnight Clear
Millennium Dreams
Mind, Body, and Spirit
Ministers of the Underground
Miracle at Cana
Miracles Around Us
Mission Reality
Moment Of Truth
More Than Conquerors
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My Christmas Soldier (seasonal)
My Last Day Without You
My Why
Natalie's Rose
Never Ashamed
New Evidence Demands Verdict
New Hope
News Boys
Newsong: Very Merry Christmas
Nick Vujicic @ SWC
Night Of Joy
Nikki & Babs Dos & Doubts
No Greater Love
No More Nights
Noah's Ark
Northern Lights Orchestra 2010
Not A Fan
Of My Father
Off The Press
Omega Code
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On the Road
On Thin Ice
Outrageous Keith
Pad 4 Teathon Talk
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Paul The Emissary
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Perfect Stranger
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TAJCI: A Christmas Concert
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TBN 340
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The 40/40: a wilderness adventure
The Adventures of Roman and Jorge
The Appointment
The Assignment
The Basement
The Berkeley Trip
The Birth of a King
The Blind Man
The Board
The Bridge
The Call
The Case For Christ
The Case for Christmas
The Case For Faith
The Champion
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The Easter Experience
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The First Stone
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The Interns
The Last Miracle
The Limited
The Logan Show
The Lost
The Merge
The Moment After
The Moment After 2
The Moment of Truth
The Movement
The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict
The New Ramp
The One Lamb
The One That Hasn't Been Told
The Outsiders
The Path Of Wind
The Penny
The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Stranger
The Pistol
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The Pretender
The Privileged Planet
The Prodigal
The Ramp
The Remix
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The Revolutionary
The Revolutionary Life
The Rose of Sharon
The Saber
The Saint Tammany Miracle
The Session Revolution 2010
The Shadows of Virtue
The Sobbing Stone
The St. Tammany Miracle
The Star
The Stranger
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The Theory Of Everything
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The Vous
The Vous 2011 Conference
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The Way of the Master
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To End All Wars
To hell and back
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True Story Of The Nativity (seasonal)
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