JCTV is a family friendly network featuring inspirational cutting edge programs for the 12 to 34 age demographic. JCTV’s programming includes the latest in contemporary music reinforcing positive lifestyles, original reality programs, youth-oriented game shows, relevant talk, comedy, extreme sports, and more. As the premier faith network for youth, JCTV attracts a young, niche audience that appreciates high-energy programming with an inspirational edge. JCTV has gained a solid reputation for its edgy and entertaining programming that inspires and challenges young people. JCTV received the Parents Television Council's "Seal of Approval" and is the only faith based cable network that specifically targets the 12 to 34 demographic.



Local Avails: 2 minutes per hour

Times: Vary

Insertion Hours: 24 hours



Subscribers: 17 million

Service Type: Basic

Satellite Feed: Live (Single)

Launch Date: January 2002

Ownership: Trinity Broadcasting Network



  1. JCTV is a part of the Trinity Broadcasting Networks. Faith-based networks attract 39.6 mm HHs monthly.
  2. TBN Nets have a reach of 22.3 mm HH monthly; making up 56% of the faith-based HHs.
  3. JCTV is in 65 markets and delivers 23% of the TBN Networks’ distribution.
  4. JCTV has received the prestigious Entertainment Seal of Approval from the Parents Television Council.
  5. JCTV is the only faith-based entertainment channel in the nation for 13-29 year-olds and TBN, America’s most-watched and most requested faith-based channel.
  6. JCTV has large duplication with other music and entertainment networks. This duplication is unique to JCTV in the music channel category and opens up opportunities for cross promotion on TBN.
  7. JCTV is the second most requested digital network by cable managers with 200,000 subscribers.



Persons: JCTV is a youthful network with a strong demographic of 10- 24 years old.


Demo AgeIndex
Children 5 to 91.16
Tweens 10-141.25
Teens 15-191.27
Persons 20-241.25
Persons 25-490.48
Persons 60+0.59


Demo HH IncomeIndex
HHI <25K1.40
HHI 25K TO 50K 1.43
HHI 50K TO 75K 1.05
HHI 75K TO 125K 0.63
HHI 125K+ 0.49


Demo EducationIndex
Men High School Grads or Less1.75
Men Some College1.05
Men College Degree0.62
Men Graduate School0.59
Women High School Grads or Less1.81
Women Some College1.15
Women College Degree0.53
Women Graduate School0.51


Demo Ethnicity/GenderIndex
Asian/Pacific Islanders0.53
African American1.55
Anglo Males0.87
African American Males1.35
Hispanic Males0.78
Anglo Females0.78
African American Females1.41
Hispanic Females0.81


DAYPART VIEWINGPerformance by HH Reach
Early Morning268,919
Early Fringe222,474
Prime Access242,242
Late Fringe209,956

Source: Rentrak TVEssentials 2011




Music videos, extreme sports, specials, movies, reality, and comedy.


JCTV skews to a young audience, especially within the tween/teen category 10-19.

1 Music Village: Take the best bands in contemporary Christian music, add some edgy new artists who are making waves in the industry, give each one their own stage and venue every week, and you’ve got the makings of a hit music extravaganza called One Music Village.

The Revolutionary Life: A weekly reality show that follows Dustan and Darlene Stanley, both in their early twenties, as they travel the world learning useful—and sometimes difficult—lessons about themselves and the rest of us who share this planet. The Revolutionary Life is not your typical travel show but rather a show about understanding how others live and relationship that are made in the process with plenty adventure and drama added in.

Xtreme Video Zone: The only nationwide Top10 music video countdown show that features Christian Contemporary, R&B & Hip Hop videos that are charting across the country. Taped at the JCTV studios in Southern California the show also premiers many new videos and often has top artists stopping by to check in with the JCTV crew.

Real Girls Real Life: Take a beach house, add a dozen young women from different walks of life and have the cameras catch what unfolds. The difference with Real Girls Real Life is that the show invests into the cast members and offers life coaches to help these young women at a pivotal time in their life to re-enforce their values as a person, not an image to be exploited. The girls and viewers learn how to deal with body image, how or when to pursue a man or even budgeting ones money.



Xtreme Life: “Xtreme Life” is a world class action sports series created by JCTV and produced by Premier Productions. The show is taped all over the world, captures the best in action sports, and features many of the biggest names on the action sports scene today.

Top 3: Top 3 covers a variety of issues young people face today. It's hosted by Larissa Lam, Rich Wilkerson Jr., and Reba Toney. The show also features guests, and artists.

Cruise With a Cause: Now in its third season on JCTV, this exciting reality show takes viewers on a caribbean adventure that combines the full-tilt fun of a vacation cruise with the spiritual intensity of a short-term mission trip.

Mari White Presents the Newsboys: A unique weekly show that features the most popular contemporary Christian band of all time. With 25 number-one hits and over six million records sold, the Newsboys have appealed to millions of Christian music lovers. Through hours of unscripted video footage, viewers are given a birds-eye view of all that it means to be part of this iconic Christian band. Join the boys on the tour bus, in the recording studio, on stage, and even at the local grocery store.



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Consumer Website: www.jctv.org



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