What's the price of the cross?

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What's the price of the cross?

Postby Paxnjah » Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:51 pm

What is the going rate for the cross? I've seen some people try to buy with a single prayer of passion and a life disobedience. I've seen some people try to buy it with a regular church attendance. I've seen more still that try to buy it with good works. There are so many different things that we believe will somehow purchase the cross of Christ. The funny thing is that one who chooses to accept Jesus Christ can never pay enough for it, but they can never give less than all they have. Again, the question emerges: how much does the cross cost? The answer is simply, complex. No person can attain it with any early amount of goods, nor can any soul pay with emotions or good works. It is far too lofty to attain by those measures. Yet, it is attainable. It is the gift from God that we never deserved to receive, it is the treasure that we never could have found, it is the path that we never could have walked. Yet, God looked compassionately upon each of us. He saw our dire state, and His heart was broken for the utter desperation of his people. So, he sent his son Jesus down to us. Through His son Jesus, we were given a gift that we never could have received without his giving it. Surely, we never deserved it! Through Jesus, we were given the treasures of heaven that our hands were never fit to touch! Through Jesus, we were given the way that no man could find on their own! Before our very eyes and ears was heavens greatest gift, but we chose to crucify him. We took the most precious gift that God could have given and murdered him in one of our most inhumane and grotesque fashions. We sought to banish Him to the land of the dead-though we never could. In his compassion, and from necessity, he gave his life for us. He gave a life that we could not even have taken. In giving his life, he committed the greatest act of love of all. He, being perfect in all things, sacrificed himself for a people who deserved no help. His sacrifice was only the beginning! On the third day, he rose from the grave. From the clinches of death and the shadows of Calvary, he emerged as victor over death, hell, and all other principalities and powers. He seated himself upon the right hand of God, the throne of David, and he became our advocate before the father. When the righteous father looks upon our vulgarity and debauchery, Jesus Christ wraps his arms tightly around us. He cleanses and shields us from the necessary wrath of the father. In doing so, he restores us to right relationship with God. The imbalance that was becomes the perfect balance through the person of Jesus Christ.

The question remains: what is the price of the cross? What is the price of the cross? For Jesus, it is cost everything. For us, it costs everything. When we accept His advocacy and defense, we simply can't accept him covering our arms or legs or head alone. We must accept him covering all of us. There is no other way to do this, save giving all that we are to him.

What is the price of perfect love? What is the price of illogical grace? What is the price of dying for those who deserve it least?

The price is everything...

Mark 8:34(speaking of Jesus) 34Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me
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